Four Brothers (2014)
Left to Right:
Wayne, Frank, Ernie, Bert

Updates and the Future of LGBT Adoptions 

Wayne, Frank Ernie, and Bert represent a generation of young adults who have defied the initial expectation of their peers, many of whom died from unusual infections by their first or second birthdays. Bert was one of the few exceptions and probably had the most success with early treatment when at the age of eight had his HIV status had seroreverted to negative. These young men are part of the Millennial Generation - the 9/11 and AIDS generation that has proven to be resilient in their daily battle to take care of themselves. As these young men navigate themselves through their daily intake of HIV medications, they continue to grow and experience  what any young adult aspire to living a content and productive life. 

 Adoption by single LGBT individuals is now legal in every jurisdiction in the United States, while adoption by same-sex couples is also legal in all the 50 states and the District of Columbia, as of June 26, 2015. Mississippi was the last state in the U.S. to prohibit adoption by same-sex couples, only ending enforcement of its ban when a federal judge ruled it unconstitutional in March, 2016.
 Many anti-LGBT bills have been introduced in state legislatures across the country, but one of them is already almost law. On March 3, 2017, the Republican-controlled South Dakota House passed SB 149, a bill allowing taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to discriminate, by a vote of 43–20–7. Having already passed in the Senate (22–12) last month, it now heads to Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R) for his signature.


The Trump Administration could invalidate some or all LGBT rights including all current gay and lesbian adoptions despite numerous studies that have found no significant associations between parental sexual orientation and child adjustment. Virtually all researchers reported that same-sex parenting is just as worthy and responsible as opposite sex parenting. The Lofton-Croteau family is part of the historical visual narrative of the parental rights of the LGBT community.